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"The Prom You Deserved" coming to The Press June 29th

Updated: Jun 2

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Full Interview on Wildcat 91.9 with Angel Camacho

MANHATTAN, Kan. — In a heartfelt effort to foster inclusivity and celebration, Angel Camacho, a transgender woman, is organizing a special event called "Pride Prom" at The Press on June 29, 2024. The event is "The Prom You Deserved," aims to provide a welcoming and affirming environment for all people a part of the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Angel is becoming known for their passion for creating safe spaces, they have previously hosted successful events like "Pride at the Parlor" at Auntie Mae's. These gatherings have created a sense of belonging and joy for those who often feel marginalized.

Angel Camacho leans against a brick wall in Aggieville.
Angel Camacho poses in alleyway in Aggieville.

"Pride Prom" is set to be an extraordinary evening, featuring music, dancing, and festivities that promise to capture the spirit of a prom night that many LGBTQ+ individuals might not have experienced in their youth. The event is designed to be a celebration of identity, love, and community, providing an opportunity for attendees to relive—or perhaps live for the first time—the prom night they always wanted.

"I'm hoping to see people dressed up however they want" said Angel. "You could dress up in a T-Shirt and jeans or you could dress up in a giant dress, or half dress, half suit and you'd be on theme. If it's you expressing yourself truly then you perfectly did the theme."

The Press, a prominent music venue in Manhattan, is expected to transform into a vibrant, inclusive space, complete with decorations, bar, and a diverse playlist created by DJ Angel Cakes. Their dedication to inclusivity ensures that the event will be accessible and welcoming to all, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

Over the course of Pride month, "Pride Prom" will have more information made available in the weeks to come. The event is 21+ and part of a broader movement within Manhattan to create more inclusive spaces and foster a supportive community for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Angel's efforts have not gone unnoticed. Kate, a member of the staff at The Press has praised their commitment to inclusivity and ability to bring people together.

"The amount of heart and everything that Angela has put behind this is incredible" said Kate. "They really came ready."

Group of young college age students pose for a photo during a Pride Prom promotion photoshoot.
Angel and friends collaborate during a photo shoot to promote Pride Prom.

For more information about Pride Prom, visit The Press's official social media @thepressmhk or follow Angel Camacho @angelhasemerged on social media for updates throughout the month of June.



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