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Local Author Brings Attention to Mental Health Through Writing

Updated: 21 hours ago

Justin Briggs writes on top of a dark brown table in an office in front of a window.
Justin writes at his desk in one of his books about mental health.
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Justin Briggs Interview - Part 1

MANHATTAN, KS — Local author Justin H. Briggs is shining a light on mental health through his poignant and personal writing. Appearing on the 91.9 Morning Mix Up show, Briggs openly discussed his own battles with mental health, sharing stories that resonate with many who face similar struggles.

Briggs’ memoir, "Insanity Comes To Mind: A Memoir On Mental Health," is a candid exploration of his journey, offering readers an intimate look at the challenges he has faced. Written as a means of survival, the memoir has provided solace and understanding to others dealing with mental health issues. "Whether you're addicted to alcohol, addicted to narcotics, or just addicted to working."Briggs said during the radio show. "there is a very clear line that people can cross when they chase those issues in their life, to where you become a liability instead of an asset.”

"A big part of writing the book is to remind myself that I can be an asset. I don't have to be a liability."

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Justin Briggs Interview - Part 2

The impact of Briggs’ work extends beyond his personal catharsis. His memoir has become a beacon of hope for thousands of readers on Amazon who find themselves in similar situations, offering a sense of connection and validation.

One Reader by the name John Winkler wrote a review on Briggs' personal memoir and said "Having dealt with clinical depression and PTSD myself, Briggs "Insanity Comes to Mind; A Memoir on Mental Health" helps to contrast a departure from functionality to despair, and ultimately...discovery. Through his own strength, sense of humor, and knack for expression, Briggs takes the reader on a realistic and riveting journey; and he does it with focus and clarity!"

If you're looking for more of Briggs' books they can be found at along with additional snippets on his website. Where he articulates the often indescribable feelings associated with mental health struggles.

Sitting in a modern yet old fashion stylized chair Justin writes one of his books by the lamp light.
In a photo from Justin's website he writes by the light of a lamp.

On his website,, Briggs describes himself as “something more than a novice and less than a professional, but he is working on that.” This humble self-assessment belies the profound impact his work has had on his readers. The memoir, while a deeply personal account, has universal themes that resonate with a broad audience, highlighting the importance of mental health awareness and support.

Briggs’ efforts to destigmatize mental health issues through his writing are gaining recognition in the Manhattan community and beyond. His books are being made available at The Dusty Bookshelf soon and will provide local readers in Manhattan, Kansas another avenue to learn about discussions surrounding mental health. Justin continues to build his platform by bringing awareness to different kinds of mental health issues that don't just happen all around the world. But they also happen at an individual level and more specifically mental health issues that he has had, that through writing about them has helped him find a sense of accomplishment.

"I've turned plenty of wrenches and used plenty of hammers and heavy machinery. And. Ya know. At the end of the day of working in construction you can see your progress and there is a sense of satisfaction in that. But at the end of writing a thousand words in an hour I feel a sense of accomplishment that is irreplaceable by anything else I've done so far.

Through his books, public speaking, and online presence, Justin H. Briggs continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by mental health challenges.

In addition to his memoir, Briggs will be releasing three new books, which will be available at the Dusty Bookshelf in Aggieville starting during the month of June 2024.



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