Mar. 07.

The Thing About: Foxy Shazam

When you work at a radio station you tend to discover mind blowing music months, sometimes years, in advanced. Record labels throw you every kind of music imaginable from shitty to awesome and everything in-between. My history with Foxy Shazam begins the the sweltering Kansas heat of summer. The year was 2010 and I was spending my first summer in Manhattan splitting my time between a lack luster waitress job at Applebee’s and The Wildcat 91.9. Emily McIntosh was the rock director at the time and, if I can remember correctly, was responsible for uploading the first single off Foxy’s self titled album, “Killin’ It”. I was drawn into the song after one listen. It took me almost a full year before getting into the entire self titled album. It was one of the albums last year I played the most and I’m pretty sure the CD no longer works in my car’s stereo.

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Article written by Maura Wery.

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