Mar. 07.

The Thing About: Florence + The Machine

I was first introduced to Florence and her Machine by my friend Nikki. I trust Nikki’s judgement when it comes to music. She’s more of a music snob than I am. Also, my friend Ryan is an avid fan. He claims he’s the biggest one, I’m sure he’s wrong about this fact, but that’s neither here nor there. Nevertheless, I got into Florence beginning with the album “Lungs”. Most American audiences probably are familiar with the single from that album “Dog Days are Over” along with a fresh new voice in our radio stations. Florence hit the U.S. at a really interesting time musically. It was right after Ke$ha had made her splash into the music scene along with other pop princesses such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I welcomed a new female voice into the spectrum. Especially one that was good.

I recently was given ‘Ceremonials’ as a gift for Christmas. I waited almost a month before listening to it all the way through and I can definitely tell it’s different from ‘Lungs’ in a lot of different ways.

One, I think it’s musically stronger. Two good examples of this are the open set of songs ‘Only If For A Night’ and “Shake It Out”. Each song starts out soft and slow and build upon each musical note to the end. The uses of different types of pianos and organs give them an eerie backdrop but Florence Welch’s voice is the light within it that keeps it up.

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Article written by Maura Wery.

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