Mar. 07.

The Thing About: Arctic Monkeys

When I’m not preaching the holy gospel of Indie Rock, I spend a quality amount of time with, get this, other musical forms. One of which I enjoy quite a bit is Brit Rock. Some of my favorite bands come from across the pond (The Smiths, Paloma Faith, The Cure, etc) but one of the those bands have currently come to the musical forefront of my mind lately. That is the work of Arctic Monkeys. Now, usually, this spot is reserved for an album review, but in this case it’s going to be a band review.

Have you ever have that band you listen to that just pisses you off so much because they are so good? Yeah, that is this band with me. I started listening the Arctic Monkeys back in 2007 when they debuted in the United States. My friend Ashley pretty much worshiped the ground they walked on but I didn’t quite get the hype but thought they were good and followed them loosely since then. It wasn’t until this year when the set of “Evil Twin” videos from the ‘Suck it and See’ album caught my eye. I went back over their archive of music spanning from 2006 to now and made one ultimate decision.

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Article written by Maura Wery.

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