Specialty Shows on the Wildcat 91.9


Across the Universe
Thursdays 4- 5 pm.
A show dedicated to bringing you the best in new and old international music from countries all around the world. With international guests speakers on the show weekly to introduce their favorite artist or album and address the differences between the music here and in their home country.


Advice Show
Fridays 1- 2 pm.


Behind The Wheel with Eddie Grier and Dylan Jacobs
Saturdays 1- 2 pm.
This is a show that’s more than just driving around in circles. This is an in-depth look at the drivers of Nascar’s top series, with focus on the Sprint Cup, and also previews weekend races. Saturdays 1-2 pm.


Blues Power with Ben
Wednesdays 8 pm-10 pm.
The best place to hear and learn about a wide variety of awesome, intense blues. Ben is one of the few blues DJs out there who takes the time to share the stories behind the music and provide a wealth of information that helps you connect more strongly to the wonderful music you’re hearing.


The Electro Show
Fridays 9- 10 pm.
The Electro Show plays electronic music from all around the globe and brings it right to Manhattan. Focusing on the latest and greatest in house and dance music, The Electro Show will bring the party right to your radio.


Full Throttle
Wednesdays 5- 7 pm.


The Garage with DJ Roo and Swojay
Mondays 6- 7 pm.
DJ Roo (@rooisontheradio) and Swo-Jay (@Swo_Jay) bring you two hours of the best in local music.


Hip Hop and Hoops
Tuesdays 10- 11 pm.

Indie Rock Show with Swojay
Fridays 11 am- 1 pm.


Listomania with BenJamin and BEK
Fridays 6- 7 pm.
BenJamin and BEK pick 5 songs each based on a theme. Past themes have been zombie killing music, Oprah’s favorite things, songs that stick it to the man, and more.


Monday Matinee Music
Mondays 4- 5 pm.


The Master Control Program
Thursdays 9- 10 pm.
Covers all gaming and tech related news.


Paddy’s Paradise with DJ Hennessy
Thursdays 7- 8 pm.
Paddy’s Paradise brings you the sounds of the Emerald Isle as well as the Irish diaspora worldwide with a kickin’ mix of Celtic rock, Celtic punk and Irish folk music. I play songs by newer bands like Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys to classics by The Pogues and The Dubliners.  If you want to hear awesome music from both Europe and North America you have found the right place. 


Phillin the Love
Thursdays 8- 9 pm.
Phillin’ the Love is the show all about love with a little relationship advice on the side. A wide variety of genres are played so if you don’t like the song playing then just wait for the next song. The genres change quicker than Kansas weather.


Public Occurrences with Jason Beets
Saturdays from 4pm-5pm
Analyzes political issues at the local, state, and national level. It also keeps you up-to-date on the latest headlines and also connects you to the political views of students at Kansas State. 


Ravers Haven
Firdays from 8- 9pm.


Robots and Chad
Fridays 7- 8 pm.
Playing the best from the 1990s and early 2000s. 


The Shady Lane
Fridays 5- 6 pm.


Sports Talk
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6- 7 pm.
The 91.9 sports department covers all things sports and talk K-State athletics, Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs, Sporting Kansas City and more.

The Super Schmitty Giveaway Show
Fridays 2- 3 pm.
Schmitty collects an abundance of collectibles from thrift stores like Grand Ole Trunk and gives them away on the air to listeners who answer trivia questions correctly. 


The Time Machine
 Thursdays 5- 6 pm.


Real Country 
Saturdays 8- 10 am.
Every week, on Real Country, Colt Walker brings you the best mix of country music around. You can expect to hear two full hours of new country, classic country, red dirt, and anything in-between. 


 Wildcat World of Sports
Fridays 4- 5 pm.
John Forsee, Alex Achten and Bill Gure host the Wildcat World of Sports. The show consists of all sports that K-State have, including club sports. It is a way to bring diversity to the athletics at K-State.