Cats Move Up to No. 9 in the AP Poll

Mar. 04.
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Find the Wildcat 91.9 Leprechaun!

Mar. 03.
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Mar. 02.

Public Occurrences, Episode 17; Newscast March 1, 2013

Public Occurrences, Episode 17: SGA Interviews

Jason Beets interviews both SGA presidential and vice presidential candidates. The first interview is with Kyle Nuss and Ariel Mendiola. The second is with Eli Schooley and Jake Unruh. The candidates discuss their platforms, the campaign, SGA, and more.

Download: SGA Interviews

Feb. 22.

Public Occurrences, Episode 16; Newscast February 22, 2013

Public Occurrences with Jason Beets, Episode 16: Newscast February 22, 2013

Jason Beets and Ahmad provide information on the upcoming Student Government Association primary, the recent snowpocalypse, and world news from Syria, Palestine, Zimbabwe and Tunesia in this week’s Public Occurrences. We also cover the election of Adolf Lu Hitler to the Meghalaya state assembly in India.


Feb. 15.

Public Occurrences, Episode 15; Newscast February 15, 2013

Public Occurrences with Jason Beets, Episode 15: Newscast February 15, 2013

Jason Beets covers the filibuster of Secretary of Defense nominee Chuck Hagel, Iran’s nuclear program, women’s rights rallies in Afghanistan, and a proposed state bill that would make enforcement of the indefinite detention prevision of the federal NDAA illegal on this week’s Public Occurrences.


Feb. 14.

The Wildcat 91.9 does the “Harlem Shake”

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