Jan. 28.

Not A Planet

Constantly pounding the pavement and touring, Not A Planet, a trio, is living the classic and endearing rock and roll story. They spend hours every day practicing and writing music. Tuning it to perfection and creating a harmonious noise intended for the masses. In between rehearsals and performances you can find them booking shows and taking on the responsibilities that most touring bands need a label to achieve. While they do not have the same big budget production as major label acts, they do have a stranglehold on the throat of rock and roll and an ability to summon the gods of rock to deliver electrifying concerts.

This is a band where each individual member’s talents and feelings transcends, creating a cohesiveness in sound, energy and performance. It’s a perfect blend of rock and folk with pop sensibilities. It leaves you wanting more, compelled and involved, and feeling like you, too, are Not A Planet.

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