Apr. 07.

Middle of the Map Fest: Spirit Is The Spirit Interview

Spirit Is The Spirit at Middle of the Map Fest

Spirit Is The Spirit at Middle of the Map Fest

The music festival section of Middle of the Map Fest has come and gone, and it did not disappoint.

Many great acts played stages all across Kansas City’s historic Westport neighborhood, including Spirit Is The Spirit, a psychedelic folk rock band from Lawrence, Kansas . As one of the last shows of MOTMF, Spirit Is The Spirit played to a packed recordBar crowd last Saturday night. After the show, I got a quick interview with them.

Spirit Is The Spirit has been together for four years with a changing lineup. They have played MOTMF all four years since it’s inception in 2011. Currently, they are working on a few new tracks, some of which they played during their set on Saturday night. Frequenters of the recordBar in Kansas City, the members of Spirit Is The Spirit love this venue, and claim Saturday night’s performance was “the best night we’ve ever played at the recordBar.” Speaking as a member of the crowd, I would have to agree it sounded fantastic. Of all the bands I was able to see at MOTMF, they were one of my favorites. Some bands sound better in the studio, but Spirit Is The Spirit can definitely rock an energetic and even comical live set, at one point jokingly claiming to be the band 98 Degrees. Not that anyone believed them, their joke still received a warm laugh from the audience.

Spirit Is The Spirit has only played in Manhattan once, playing a set in the basement of Auntie Mae’s Parlor, but asked if Manhattan would have them back. Eager to perform again in the Little ​Apple, they jokingly asked if they could play a rooftop house show. It is unknown if Spirit Is The Spirit will ever head west to Wildcat Country anytime soon, but it is assumed they would be well received.

For their next show, they will be playing a special set for the film section of MOTMF on Sunday, April 20th. For this section of MOTMF, bands play songs from different movie soundtracks. With it being 4/20, Spirit Is The Spirit will be playing songs from the movie “Dazed and Confused” at the Alamo Drafthouse in downtown Kansas City at6:00pm.

—Nick Fief

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