Apr. 27.

K-State Spring Game First Half Notes

  • Waters starts with Purple squad, Sams with the 2nd string White squad
  • Dante Barnett, Ty Zimmerman, Dorian Roberts, and Randall Evans start in the secondary
  • Evans moves to nickel corner in nickel package, Kip Daily comes into Corner
  • Jonathan Truman and Blake Slaughter start at Linebacker
  • Waters looks strong in 1st quarter with the Purples, 7-9 for 104 yards and a TD
  • Waters 4 carries for 28 yards and read option TD
  • Sams extremely hindered by green jersey
  • Joins purple team in the 2nd quarter and looks strong
  • 10-15 for 222 yards and 2 TDS
  • 2 Carries 19 yards and a TD
  • QB Race still up in the air

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