Mar. 07.

The Thing About: Florence + The Machine

I was first introduced to Florence and her Machine by my friend Nikki. I trust Nikki’s judgement when it comes to music. She’s more of a music snob than I am. Also, my friend Ryan is an avid fan. He claims he’s the biggest one, I’m sure he’s wrong about this fact, but that’s neither here nor there. Nevertheless, I got into Florence beginning with the album “Lungs”. Most American audiences probably are familiar with the single from that album “Dog Days are Over” along with a fresh new voice in our radio stations. Florence hit the U.S. at a really interesting time musically. It was right after Ke$ha had made her splash into the music scene along with other pop princesses such as Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. I welcomed a new female voice into the spectrum. Especially one that was good.

I recently was given ‘Ceremonials’ as a gift for Christmas. I waited almost a month before listening to it all the way through and I can definitely tell it’s different from ‘Lungs’ in a lot of different ways.

One, I think it’s musically stronger. Two good examples of this are the open set of songs ‘Only If For A Night’ and “Shake It Out”. Each song starts out soft and slow and build upon each musical note to the end. The uses of different types of pianos and organs give them an eerie backdrop but Florence Welch’s voice is the light within it that keeps it up.

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Article written by Maura Wery.

Mar. 07.

The Thing About: Arctic Monkeys

When I’m not preaching the holy gospel of Indie Rock, I spend a quality amount of time with, get this, other musical forms. One of which I enjoy quite a bit is Brit Rock. Some of my favorite bands come from across the pond (The Smiths, Paloma Faith, The Cure, etc) but one of the those bands have currently come to the musical forefront of my mind lately. That is the work of Arctic Monkeys. Now, usually, this spot is reserved for an album review, but in this case it’s going to be a band review.

Have you ever have that band you listen to that just pisses you off so much because they are so good? Yeah, that is this band with me. I started listening the Arctic Monkeys back in 2007 when they debuted in the United States. My friend Ashley pretty much worshiped the ground they walked on but I didn’t quite get the hype but thought they were good and followed them loosely since then. It wasn’t until this year when the set of “Evil Twin” videos from the ‘Suck it and See’ album caught my eye. I went back over their archive of music spanning from 2006 to now and made one ultimate decision.

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Article written by Maura Wery.

Feb. 06.

The Thing About: Wilco

I’m not going to sit here and act like I don’t like Wilco. “Via Chicago” is still one of my favorite songs of all time and I can still remember the first time I had even heard of Wilco. It was back when I was still in high school during one of the worst phases I ever went through. I was desperately trying to be some ‘rocker’ chick wearing all black clothes and large amounts of eyeliner. I kept the chucks and the studded belts from that era but needless to say the look never stuck. I read Alternative Press and it included an article over Wilco which was amazingly compelling and I took time out to get their album and listen to them.

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written by: Maura Wery

Jan. 28.

Mammoth Life

Mammoth Life is a husband & wife, indie-pop duo from San Francisco & Lawrence, KS. Romantically involved since 2001, artistically involved since 2005; the two formed ML in a Hashinger Hall dorm room on Daisey Hill @ The University of Kansas the same year. Seven years later, the duo has found themselves amidst the release of “Tightrope Walker,” the first single from their brand new Rock N’ Roll Kids – EP {Satisfying Records}.

Jan. 28.

Not A Planet

Constantly pounding the pavement and touring, Not A Planet, a trio, is living the classic and endearing rock and roll story. They spend hours every day practicing and writing music. Tuning it to perfection and creating a harmonious noise intended for the masses. In between rehearsals and performances you can find them booking shows and taking on the responsibilities that most touring bands need a label to achieve. While they do not have the same big budget production as major label acts, they do have a stranglehold on the throat of rock and roll and an ability to summon the gods of rock to deliver electrifying concerts.

This is a band where each individual member’s talents and feelings transcends, creating a cohesiveness in sound, energy and performance. It’s a perfect blend of rock and folk with pop sensibilities. It leaves you wanting more, compelled and involved, and feeling like you, too, are Not A Planet.