Photo: K-State Alumni Association Archives
Feb. 24.

The History of Kansas State University’s Radio Station

Photo: K-State Alumni Association Archives

Photo: K-State Alumni Association Archives

Earlier today, on Twitter, the K-State Alumni Association asked if any of their followers knew of someone who had worked for K-State’s radio station.  A number of people started to ask about the station’s history.  To appease that demand, we present “The History of Kansas State University’s Radio Station” written by our own John Forsee.


Nov. 20.

First Woman to do Color Commentary in a Football Game


Be part of history, listen to the Wildcat World of Sports as we talk to our own Lindsay McNary about being the first woman to do color commentary in a football game for The Wildcat 91.9. Color commentary is post-play analysis, in which one talks about what happened in the previous play.


Jul. 01.

Show Off Your Patriotism with Wildcat 91.9

This year, 91.9 will reward you for being patriotic for the 4th of July! We will give you a chance to submit photos of you showing some love for the red, white, and bue and ick the one we think is the most creative, patriotic and the overall coolest way to celebrate the holiday. We’re looking for unique barbecues, awesome outfits, cool deocations,and such. The contestant we deem the winner will get tickets to Buzz Beach Ball with Phoenix, Awolnation, Alt-J, Cage The Elephant and more in September. Get those photos in by midnight on July 5 to show us your patriotism. 


May. 08.

KSDB Now Taking Applications for Summer and Fall Positions

The KSDB Advisory Board recently elected myself, Jennifer Edgar, as the Program Director for the Wildcat 91.9 for the upcoming summer, fall, and spring semesters, and I couldn’t be more excited to serve you and the Wildcat 91.9 in this position! I’m currently accepting applications and cover letters for all executive staff positions for the summer and fall semesters.

I’m looking for passionate, innovative, and responsible individuals who are interested in growing and learning in the field of radio and broadcasting. If you were on staff before, I encourage you to re-apply for your position. If you were not an executive staff member the previous semester, I encourage you to apply as well! Every interested individual will have the opportunity to interview with me about their prospective position on staff.

To apply, I will need an up-to-date resume, and a cover letter specifying which job you are applying for, why you feel you would be a successful fit for this job, and how you plan to serve in that position. Please also include your availability to work over the summer, as The Wildcat 91.9 broadcasts 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. All applications and cover letters can be emailed to me at no later than Friday, May 10. 

To learn more about the executive staff positions available at KSDB, please see the attached document. If you’d like more information, you’re welcome to contact me with any questions you have. NOTE: You must be enrolled in at least six credit hours at Kansas State University to be employed with KSDB.

Positions to apply for:

Music Director

Music director reports to the program director and attends staff and general meetings, and coordinates music meetings. Music director manages rock DJs as well as the music department, the rotation of the music, inserts new music and works to ensure diversity throughout the music department. He or she ensures that all songs are FCC compliant. The music director communicates regularly with record companies to solicit free music, and maintains relationships with record companies and attempts to get promotional items. The music director also works with local musicians for airplay and event coordination.

Promotions Director

Promotions director promotes the station’s image, programs and activities. He or she works closely with the program director to create on-air promotions and generates publicity for station thought events, contests and programs with major focus on campus events. The promotions director ensures that FCC regulations are observed with all events, contests and promotions. The promotions director creates press releases for station activities, achievements and fund raising activities and must work with other campus media to take full advantage of cross promotion possibilities. He or she communicates with Union Program Council to coordinate promotion, and schedules and staffs informational tables at events on campus and the surrounding community.

Sports Director

Sports director recruits and trains the sports staff, assigns sports reporters covering a variety of sports, and handles all scheduling and programming of live sporting event coverage with approval from program director and station manager. He or she schedules staff for all live broadcast responsibilities, and trains staff on equipment and checkout procedures. The sports director is responsible for making sure equipment is available and in working order. The sports director also determines the semester schedule for general sports programming with approval of the program director and station manager. He or she is responsible for requesting and securing required press passes to sporting events and increasing coverage of underrepresented sports. The sports director must communicate with away athletic departments and ensure that required connections are available. Other responsibilities include arranging and confirming travel and transportation arrangements for away sporting events through the station manager, working with the underwriting director to promote underwriting of sports to allow for more diverse coverage, and maintaining a working relationship with the KSU athletic department.

Underwriting Director

The underwriting director reports to the station manager. He or she is responsible for soliciting funds to benefit the radio station by way of paid underwriting agreements, promoting concerts and in-kind service agreement, and working with the station manager and program director to arrange remotes and talent services for events in the community and on campus. The underwriting director maintains records of all agreements with underwriters and sponsors and works with the program director and station manager to ensure all announcements are on-air quality, of the stipulated length, and conform to all contractual arrangements and FCC regulations. He or she will maintain regular contact with all underwriters and sponsors and will work with Marlene Franke to ensure that proper accounting procedures are followed.

Urban Director

Urban director reports to the program director and attends staff and general meetings, and coordinates urban music meetings. Urban director manages urban DJs as well as the urban music department, the rotation of the music, inserts new music, and works to ensure diversity throughout the department. He or she also ensures that all urban music is FCC compliant. The urban director communicates regularly with record companies to solicit free music, and maintains relationships with record companies and attempts to get promotional items. The urban director also works with local musicians for airplay and event coordination.

Production Director

The production director reports to the program director. He or she attends staff and general meetings. The production director is responsible for all recorded material to be played on-air, including liners, sweepers, IDs, and PSAs. This director is also responsible to keeping the current rotation of liners, sweepers, IDs, and PSAs fresh, updated, and of on-air quality. The production director works closely with the promotions director to ensure all promotional events are discussed on-air and recorded to replay in an FCC compliant manner. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to, teaching students how to use Adobe Audition, including creating a specialty show, intro/outro, liners, IDs, or PSAs.

Multimedia Director

The multimedia director is responsible for channel 25, and the KSDB youtube account.  The multimedia director supervises and monitors the Wildcat 91.9’s TV presence and incorporates station promotions, underwriting information, recruitment materials, and educational information on channel 25 and the youtube account. He or she also works on the production of videos, and posting videos and audio to the website and other internet sources. The multimedia director is also responsible for maintaining the slideshow on the television station. This director works with the promotion director and the web director to utilize promotion of shows, events, and the station through the use of the internet and TV.

Web Director

The web director is responsible for the station website and social media networks. He or she works closely with the multimedia director and the promotions director. He or she must maintain the station website, usernames, and passwords to social media outlets. The web director supervises and monitors the Wildcat 91.9’s online presence and incorporates station promotions, underwriting information, recruitment materials, and educational information in the website and social media. He or she is responsible for maintaining the layout and appearance of the website and all social media, including updating the logo or banners to match promotions, seasons, or holidays.

News Director

The news director reports to the program director and is responsible for running the news department, recruiting and training reporters, and assigning stories to staff reporters. He or she monitors wire services, and assists in identifying important news issues within the community. Daily newscasts will be scheduled with the assistance of the program director. The news director reports and records news daily and submits weekly news summaries to the station manager. He or she builds relationships with campus entities and news organizations, coordinates equipments, and ensures news staff has been trained on equipment. The news director also ensures that needed equipment is available for check out. All news programming is archived. 

Mar. 27.

91.9 Easter Scavenger Hunt

The Wildcat 91.9 is sending you on an Easter scavenger hunt for cool schwag, CDs, and concert tickets. Scattered around campus Thursday and Friday will be six 91.9 Easter eggs with surprises inside. Find the egg, open it up to see what you win, and bring it to the Wildcat 91.9 studios in the K-State Union to redeem your prize. You could win Wildcat 91.9 bracelets and T-shirts, CDs from the 91.9 Music Vault, and you could even find some tickets to see bands and groups like Vampire Weekend, Postal Service, or Jay and Silent Bob. Just bring the egg and its contents to the 91.9 studio and get hooked up with prizes for Easter.

Here’s another Easter activity from yours truly. Katie Lei drew this fabulous piece of art and it needs to be colored. You can print these out, color them in with bright colors and bring them back to the Wildcat 91.9 studio for us to hang on the wall.

easter 919 (1)

Feb. 12.

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

All day this Thursday, The Wildcat 91.9 is spreading the love and giving gifts for Valentine’s Day. Did you procrastinate too long when trying to find a gift for your significant other? We’ve got you covered. If you want a Valentines gift for yourself, we’d be happy to give you one from yours truly.

Every hour starting on The Show with Katie Lei and Madame A, we’ll be giving away Valentines Day themed gifts on the air. You can win Flux Pavillion tickets, Vampire Weekend tickets, some dancing and singing animals, a Russell Stovers gift set, a bottle of sparkling cranberry juice, Wildcat 91.9 t-shirts, and more.

•The Show- -win at 7:30am and 8:30 am
•Lance Leonard- win at 9:30am and 10:30am
•Mr. California- win at 11:30am and 12:30pm
•DJ Hennessy- win at 1:30pm and 2:30pm 

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 10.43.07 AM
Feb. 04.

Andy Frasco Live at Aggie Central Station- February 2013

Andy Frasco, songwriter from Los Angeles, performed in Manhattan Feb. 1-2 to a very enthusiastic crowd at Aggie Central Station. We got to sit down with Andy before the show to chat about his music and his new album. Check it out!

Sep. 11.

A Silent Film Interview: Robert Stevenson

Our Music Director, Elijah Kampsen got a chance to speak with Robert Stevenson of A Silent Film about life on the road as a touring musician. Hear the full interview HERE!

Jul. 05.

An Immaculate Experiment

Going in to Life Cycles, my hopes were sky-high. I was expecting no less than a wholly inspiring follow-up to 2010’s Deceiver, and I am thrilled to say I wasn’t disappointed. In an effort that has gone awry for many a band before them, The Word Alive’s impressively experimental, yet extremely refined sophomore album can be filed in the thesaurus as the end-all antonym for “sophomore slump.”
“Dragon Spell” presents the album with a very eerie feel. The higher production quality than previous works is immediately evident, and contributes to a sound that is as immense as it is ruthless. With lyrics reverberating Deceiver favorites, long-time fans will have a hard time finding anything to their distaste on “Dragon Spell.” It serves as a fitting intro, seemingly stating “we haven’t forgotten where we came from, but we’re not slowing down.”


Mar. 07.

The Thing About: Foxy Shazam

When you work at a radio station you tend to discover mind blowing music months, sometimes years, in advanced. Record labels throw you every kind of music imaginable from shitty to awesome and everything in-between. My history with Foxy Shazam begins the the sweltering Kansas heat of summer. The year was 2010 and I was spending my first summer in Manhattan splitting my time between a lack luster waitress job at Applebee’s and The Wildcat 91.9. Emily McIntosh was the rock director at the time and, if I can remember correctly, was responsible for uploading the first single off Foxy’s self titled album, “Killin’ It”. I was drawn into the song after one listen. It took me almost a full year before getting into the entire self titled album. It was one of the albums last year I played the most and I’m pretty sure the CD no longer works in my car’s stereo.

Read more about Foxy Shazam HERE!!!

Article written by Maura Wery.