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Apr. 28.

Former Wildcats Picked up by NFL Teams

  • 2nd Round, Pick 24 (56th Overall), Arthur Brown to the Baltimore Ravens
  • 4th Round, Pick 26 (123rd Overall, Chris Harper to the Seattle Seahawks
  • 6th Round, Pick 36 (204th Overall), Braden Wilson to the Kansas City Chiefs
  • UDFA, Collin Klein to the Houston Texans
  • UDFA, Justin Tuggle to the Houston Texans
  • UDFA, Nigel Malone to the Indianapolis Colts
  • UDFA, Angelo Pease to the Green Bay Packers
  • UDFA, Travis Tannahill to the Cleveland Browns
  • UDFA, Ryan Doerr to the Denver Broncos
  • UDFA, Jarell Childs to the Oakland Raiders
  • UDFA, Anthony Cantele to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Last Updated, 3:00PM, 4/29,13

Apr. 27.

Public Occurrences, Episode 24: Libertarian Conference

Public Occurrences, Episode 24: Libertarian Conference, April 26, 2013

On April 20, the K-State branch of Young Americans for Liberty hosted their organization’s state conference. This episode features interviews with two speakers at the conference. The first is with Cody Wilson, who is working to create a gun from a 3D-printer. The second interview is with John Matta, the Mayor of Manhattan, on public transportation, rental inspections, and the city’s non-discrimination policy.


Apr. 27.

K-State Spring Game First Half Notes

  • Waters starts with Purple squad, Sams with the 2nd string White squad
  • Dante Barnett, Ty Zimmerman, Dorian Roberts, and Randall Evans start in the secondary
  • Evans moves to nickel corner in nickel package, Kip Daily comes into Corner
  • Jonathan Truman and Blake Slaughter start at Linebacker
  • Waters looks strong in 1st quarter with the Purples, 7-9 for 104 yards and a TD
  • Waters 4 carries for 28 yards and read option TD
  • Sams extremely hindered by green jersey
  • Joins purple team in the 2nd quarter and looks strong
  • 10-15 for 222 yards and 2 TDS
  • 2 Carries 19 yards and a TD
  • QB Race still up in the air

Apr. 22.

The Wildcat 91.9 Quiz Bowl, Part One

Mr. California hosts a quizbowl between Mike Pereira and the Mad Scientist while DJ Roo and Maverick McCoy try to help them cheat from the next room!

Apr. 16.

Now Taking Resumes for KSDB Program Director

The school year is almost up, so we’re taking resumes for a new program director for KSDB! Applications will be accepted through April 25 to station advisor Vern Wirka, who has a mailbox in 105 Kedzie Hall. NOTE: Must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at Kansas State University to work for KSDB. The job description for KSDB Program Director is as follows.

•Job Title: Program Director

•Reports To: Station Manager

•Responsible for the “sound” or programming format of the station — all music, news, sports, community-based/diversity programs, and other broadcasts.

•Supervisory responsibilities for all on-air staff and all producers

•Develops and manages programming format

•Supervises work of department heads

•Institutes a program evaluation system for department heads, producers, on-air staff and for the overall station format

•Participates in staff meetings

•Assures compliance with all applicable FCC regulations

•Other duties as may be assigned – this job description does not list all the duties of the job. The Program Director maybe asked to perform other tasks and duties as directed by the Station Manager and/or Faculty Advisor and Chief Operator

•The Program Director will have his/her performance appraisal based upon performance of the tasks listed in this job description and duties as may be assigned.

•Skills/Knowledge: Emphasis on knowledge of industry (audience research, broadcast management, etc.) experience of interacting with community-based organizations, and excellent communication skills (oral and written).

Apr. 15.

Summer Festival Giveaways

The Wildcat 91.9 will be your festival ticket hook-up for the summer of 2013. Follow us on Twitter @Wildcat 91.9 and “like” us on Facebook to find out when and how you can win tickets.


Apr. 05.

Public Occurrences, Episode 21: Guns, Gays, and Guantanamo

Public Occurrences, Episode 21: Guns, Gays, and Guantanamo, April 5, 2013

Public Occurrences discusses the legislative maneuvers on gun control, Supreme Court cases concerning gay rights, and the hunger strike at Guantanamo. Matt Spooner, a socialist, also discusses the plight of the poor in Augusta, Georgia.


Apr. 04.

Wildcat 91.9 Takes Home 2013 KAB Awards

On Tuesday, April 2, Wildcat 9.19 attended the Kansas Association of Broadcasters award ceremony in Topeka.  This was an all-day event with a career fair and round-table discussions with different broadcast professionals from all around Kansas.  Congratulations to the following people from Wildcat 9.19 on their awards!

  • Jennifer Edgar and Jared Clark- 1st place in Station Promotion Announcement with The Garage
  • Jared Clark- 2nd place in Station Promotion Announcement with Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Dan Page and Jared Clark- 1st place in Public Affairs Program with News Talk Special Tribute to Todd Simon
  • Jason Beets- 2nd place in Public Affairs Program with Public Occurrences
  • Jared Clark and Jennifer Edgar- 2nd place in Completed Taped Newscast with Wildcat 919 News Update- Feb 13th
  • Mike Pereira- 1st place in Sportscast with Wildcat 919 Sports Update- Feb 12th
  • Elijah Kampsen- 1st place in D.J. Personality Air Check with Power Hour with Elipod
  • Jennifer Edgar- 2nd place in D.J. Personality Air Check with Recess with Roo
  • Dan Page and Eddie Grier- 2nd place in Sports Play by Play with K-State Football vs. Miami
  • Jared Clark and Dan Page- 2nd place in Entertainment Program with News Talk Special – Memory of Todd Simon
  • Caitlin Whetstone- 1st place in Promotion Event/Activity with 12 Days of Christmas and 8 Days of Hanukkah Giveaway
  • Caitlin Whetstone- 2nd place in Station Website
  • Lindsay McNary- 1st place in 30 Second Commercial, PSA with Don’t Drink and Drive
  • Mary Shirk, Jared Clark and Lisa Kranz- 1st place in Station Promotion Announcement with Are You the Wildcat 919 Leprechaun?  
  • Mary Shirk- 1st place in DJ Personality Air Check with Mary Renee Live at Paws on Poyntz


Apr. 03.

Shane Southwell Talks NBA on Sports Talk

Apr. 03.

The Hype Weekly and MMC present Open Mic/Local Love

On Wednesday, April 24, local acts will begin performing at 8pm. To learn more about the competition and how to participate, you can find more information at

The Hype WeeklyManhattan Music Coalition, NueWave Recording and Wildcat 91.9 have partnered up with Aggie Central Station (formerly Longhorns) to start up an Open Mic Night open to any local artist or band, whatever genre they may be, that are interested in getting up on stage and performing. The open mic nights will take place on Wednesdays every week from 8-10pm. Following the open mic session is a new installment called Local Love, which will be a feature of different local bands each week.