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Oct. 15.

Public Occurrences, Episode 41: China’s One Child Polic

This week’s Public Occurrences is an interview with Shengyi Wang, a Chinese journalism major at Kansas State University. The first part of the interview is on the enforcement, exemptions, and consequences of China’s one child policy. The second part of the interview is about Shengyi herself, what she thought about growing up in China, what she thinks of the United States, and her post-graduation plans.


Oct. 15.

Public Occurrences, Episode 40: International Buddies

On this week’s Public Occurrences Jason Beets interviews Ron Sullivan, the president of the International Buddies program at K-State. Ron discusses International Buddies’ upcoming event, Carpe Diem, which is open to the public and will take place in the Union Ballroom on November 1. The government shutdown and Russian-Lithuanian tensions as well as world news from Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Syria are also covered on this week’s Public Occurrences.


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Oct. 11.

New Music



“Sugarcane” – Sleigh Bells             Bitter Rivals

Noise pop/electronic duo (I would call it ‘chainsaw pop’) Sleigh Bells released their third album, Bitter Rivals on October 8th. It rides on the heels of the acclaimed Treats and Reign of Terror.

“Memorial Fields” – Yuck         Glow and Behold

London based lo-fi rock group Yuck has moved on after the departure of their lead singer Daniel Blumberg, and released their sophomore l.p. Glow and Behold. Yuck features a sound that is reminiscent of early 90’s lo fi rock (think Pavement, Built to Spill, etc.). Glow and Behold was released on September 30th.

“Crazy for You” – The Dirtbombs            Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey!

Detroit garage rock legends The Dirtbombs have never released the same album twice. 2001’s Ultraglide in Black was an R&B/Gospel Rock album. Party Store, released in 2010, featured covers of Detroit techno and house music songs. Now, they have released Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! (Oh my god that title). Front man Mick Collins describes it as ‘bubble gum pop’. Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-blooey! was released on September 30th.

“We Sink” – Chvrches            The Bones of What You Believe

Much hyped Scottish electro pop band Chvrches finally released their debut l.p. on September 24th. The success of advance singles “Gun” and “The Mother We Share” have received extensive radio play, and early e.p. Recover was well received critically.

“Desitute Time” – Delorean            Apar

Spanish alternative dance group Delorean released Apar in mid-September. They will be playing Riot Room in Kansas City on November 2nd (91.9 TICKET GIVEAWAY).

“This Lonely Morning” – Best Coast            Fade Away

Bethany Constentino fronted Best Coast will release an E.P. entitled Fade Away on October 22nd. It is the first release for the surf/garage pop group since their 2012 l.p. The Only Place.

“The Truth” – Dr. Dog            B-Room

Pennsylvania based psych folk band Dr. Dog released their 7th full l.p., entitled B-Room, on October 1st. They will play Liberty Hall in Lawrence next spring. They will play Liberty Hall in Lawrence in March.

“Arabella” – Arctic Monkeys          AM

English rockers Arctic Monkeys released their 5th studio album, titled AM, on September 9th. Monkeys front man Alex Turner says that the album is a homage to the influential classic rock band The Velvet Underground. AM will feature guest appearances by Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) and drummer Pete Thomas (drummer for Elvis Costello and Tom Waits).

“Reflektor” – Arcade Fire           Reflektor

Recorded in secret under the moniker ‘The Reflektors’, Canadian based rock group Arcade Fire will released their 4th full lp on October 29th. The ad advance single, which is the title track, was released on September 9th at 9:00pm in select locations around the country. The James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) produced track features backup vocals by David Bowie.

“Andro Queen” – Pixies           EP1

Moving on without former bassist Kim Deal, legendary Boston rock group Pixies released new music for the first time in 9 years in 2013. EP1 was released without any prior announcement on September 3rd. They will play Arvest Bank Theater at The Midland in Kansas City on February 11th (Cults are opening).

“The Wire” – Haim            Days Are Gone

L.A. based Haim (Hi-Um) is composed of sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim, along with drummer Dash Hutton. They released their debut album, Days are Gone, on September 30th. Their sound is reminiscent of other 80’s throwback electro pop groups, like Chvrches and Capital Cities. They will play The Granada in Lawrence on October 10th (91.9 TICKET GIVEAWAY).

“Nine is God” – Wavves         Grand Theft Auto 5

Artists to record material exclusively for the video game soundtrack include: Wavves, The Chain Gang of 1974, Twin Shadow, Yeasayer, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky, and BJ the Chicago Kid. The soundtrack was released on September 24th.

“Shot at the Night” – The Killers/M83             Single

Vegas dance rock group teamed up with Anthony Gonzalez (M83) for this special release single, released on September 16th. The track will be featured on the soon to be released Killers Greatest Hits compilation, due in November.

“Team” – Lorde           Pure Heroine

16 year old New Zealand singer/songwriter Ella Yelich-O’Connor, better known by her stage name Lorde will release her debut l.p. Pure Heroine on October 1st. After self-releasing her e.p. The Love Club digitally, Lorde was quickly signed to Universal Records. Advance single “Royals” has been played nationally on commercial and college radio stations alike.

“Rolling Waves” – The Naked and Famous            In Rolling Waves

New Zealand based electro/alternative band The Naked and Famous released their second full l.p., entitled In Rolling Waves, on September 16th.

“Stand on the Horizon” – Franz Ferdinand            Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action

Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand released their 4th l.p., Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, on August 27th. They’ll be playing The Granada in Lawrence on October 8th.

“Sleepwalking” – The Chain Gang of 1974            Grand Theft Auto 5

“High Road” – Cults              Static

New York City Indie pop group Cults will release their second full album, Static, late 2013. “High Road” is the second single. They will open for Pixies at Arvest Bank Theater in Kansas City on February 11th.

“Dust” – Jacuzzi Boys             Jacuzzi Boys

After 2 well received albums (particularly, the success of the single “Bricks or Coconuts”), Florida garage rockers Jacuzzi Boys will release their third full l.p. (which is self-titled) on September 10th. “Double Vision” is one of two advance singles, along with “Domino Moon.” They will play Czar Bar in Kansas City on October 24th (91.9 TICKET GIVEAWAY).

“Bite My Tongue” – King Khan and the Shrines              Idle No More

After years collaborating with Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) and Black Lips, Indian/Canadian rock front man Arish Ahmad Khan returns to his psychedelic group The Shrines in 2013 with Idle No More. They will be playing Record Bar in Kansas City on October 20th.


New Local Music

“God 69” – Das Mobius          Mystery Box

After a (long) hiatus, Junction City based electronic group Das Mobius is re-releasing their 2003 album Mystery Box.

“Lament” – Starving in Style               Single

Manhattan alt rock group Starving in Style.

“Shadows” – Quiet Corral              Ancestors

Lawrence based alternative folk group Quiet Corral released their new album, Ancestors, in late September.

“Street Fighter II” – The ACB’s           Stona Rosa

Kansas City alt pop group.

Oct. 09.

Public Occurrences, Episode 39: Immigration

This week’s Public Occurrences is an interview with Ben Powell on the economics of Immigration. He argues that immigration does not harm American workers. The interview covers the history of American immigration policy, the immigration reforms being debated in Congress, and the interaction between immigration and the welfare state.

Ben Powell is a professor at the Rawls college of Business at Texas Tech University and a Senior Fellow at the Independent Institute.


Sep. 27.


Sep. 23.

Public Occurrences, Episode 38: Syria

On this week’s Public Occurrences, Jason Beets interviews Matt Spooner about the Syrian Civil War. They discuss the threat of US military action, the Russian diplomatic proposal, and the US government’s claim that the Syrian government was responsible for a large chemical attack. They also cover the human rights abuses committed by the Syrian government and the Syrian rebels and the international nature of the conflict. They also read Chelsea Manning’s letter to President Obama and discuss her sentence.


Sep. 20.

Planning and Pop Culture

This past summer, the Wildcat 91.9 and The College of Architecture, Planning and Design here at Kansas State University collaborated on a special project for one of the college’s classes.  In Planning 699: Planning in Pop Culture, students learned about the relationship of urban planning and pop culture in today’s society.  As part of that exploration, students created a radio show detailing some of their findings.  The two-hour show aired on Monday, June 10th.

The show has been awarded the 2013 New Horizons Award from Kansas’s American Planning Association.  The award will be presented during the Kansas Planning Conference at the Hilton Garden Center in Manhattan on October 4th.  If you missed the show’s original air date, take a listen to the two hour special right here:


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Sep. 13.

Public Occurrences, Episode 37: MISS Foundation

On this week’s Public Occurrences Jason Beets interviews the founders of the Kansas chapter of the MISS Foundation, an organization that provides counseling to families experiencing the loss of a child. The latest revelations about the NSA and the trial of Alexi Navalny in Russia are also covered.


Aug. 20.

Wildcat Sports Report: Interview with Marty Jenkins

Marty Jenkins from 101 ESPN stopped by the The Wildcat Sports Report during the second segment of this week’s show.  Jenkins previewed Big 12 Football in the upcoming season and talked about what fans should expect from Kansas State Football.

If you missed the interview, you can listen to it here by simply clicking on this link: Marty Jenkins Interview.


Aug. 19.

Bradley Manning part 2

Public Occurrences, Episode 36: Bradley Manning part 2, August 10, 2013

This week’s Public Occurrences is part 2 of my discussion with Matt Spooner on the case of Bradley Manning, the US soldier who leaked thousands of classified documents to the Wikileaks website. We discuss the specific charges in his case, the impact the leaks have had on the US, and the implications of the verdict for whistleblowers, the press, and the public. We also discuss the case of Justin Carter who faces a possible 10-year sentence for sarcastically suggesting on Facebook that he would commit a school shooting.